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A Final Fantasy XV player has uncovered the 'secret' to unlocking Armiger God Mode

Spoilers follow.

It looks like players have managed to break Final Fantasy XV yet again. The glitch seems to ironically (or not) break through the linear nature of the game to give players more freedom to explore the game's open world. Warning, spoilers for Final Fantasy XV follow:

The spoiler line; anything read beyond this point is on you.


So for players who have beaten Final Fantasy XV, you know that in the final battle against Ardyn, Noctis is given the ability to fly around the environment. Well, some players have apparently found a glitch that lets you take those powers into the game world. In order to pull off the glitch, you must first beat the game, and then reload Chapter 15 and kill Ifrit again. I know...tedium, but the glitch lets you do some cool stuff.

YouTuber edepot posted a series of videos, showcasing all of the steps you need to do to pull off the glitch, a Shiva corpse in God mode, and the Top 15 things you can do using God Mode.

Here's the fun stuff.

If you plan on trying this glitch, it would be wise to create multiple saves as taking advantage of it may very well be permanent. 

Source: [NeoGAF]

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