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A playable Zelda mod is on the way for Breath of the Wild via the Cemu Emulator

You just need a PC and a copy of the Wii U version.

As enjoyable as the Nintendo Switch is, the fact that its games have gone back to being cartridges means that they can't directly be used with an Emulator for some modding and enhanced performance (yet). Breath of the Wild is one such game that could be quite a playground for PC modders given its popularity and the epic scale of its world. But if you have a Wii U copy of the game, you can actually get your hands on some pretty cool mods, including one that runs the game at 60 FPS

Modders WilianZilv and Skriller, however, are working on a mod that will let you play as Princess Zelda herself and released a work-in-progress screenshot of the character.

Check it out:

A playable Zelda mod is on the way for Breath of the Wild via the Cemu emulator

The head was ripped from the Zelda that was in the game, while the rest of the body was built from scratch by the modders. 

Also new to Cemu; update 1.10 brought some added fidelity to Breath of the Wild's soundtrack. You can take a listen below. Headphones are encouraged.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available now on Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

[Reddit via WCCFTech]

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