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Rumor: Square Enix is hiring new devs for a big project that sounds like it could be Final Fantasy 16

A "Super Famous RPG Series."

Despite the protracted development with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it looks like Square Enix may be looking to the next numbered entry in the series. DualShockers happened upon a job listing on the recruitment site ECareerFA from an anonymous Japanese company looking for a 2D Artist to create assets for a "Super-Famous RPG Series."

The ad also says that the artist will have to create the main image of "a certain RPG's numbered title" as well as concept work for various RPG staples like towns, fields, dungeons, furniture, emblems, vehicles, weapons, items and map icons.

Naturally, anybody can go to a job site and spruce up an ad with some sexy adjectives, but as Dual Shockers points out, there is quite a bit of evidence that points to Square Enix being the poster. Here's a breakdown:

  1. The company in question has created "huge RPGs" and online games that are "high quality" with "unique world views."
  2. The company has shipped "a large number of million-sellers."
  3. The company has a number of different businesses, including publishing for manga, licensing, and amusement in the Taito Station arcades, which are owned by Squeenix.
  4. The description of the company headquarters has a lot in common with Square Enix's main offices.

Obviously, this doesn't confirm that Square Enix is the company in question or that Final Fantasy 16 is the project, but considering that Final Fantasy 15 is on its way out of the limelight, it wouldn't be all that surprising for Square Enix to be looking ahead.

Source: [DualShockers

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